South Florida HIDTA Program

Mission Statement

The mission of the South Florida High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (SFLHIDTA) Program is to disrupt the market for illegal drugs in the SFLHIDTA counties by assisting federal, state and local law enforcement entities participating in the HIDTA program to dismantle and disrupt drug trafficking organizations, with particular emphasis on drug trafficking organizations and systems that also have harmful effects on other parts of the United States.

The SFLHIDTA also provides specialized training courses that enhance law enforcement capabilities in investigative processes and procedures, technology and intelligence analysis, and program evaluation.  Collectively, the efforts have contributed to significant reductions in drug-related crime in South Florida.

The region is a major transit area for illicit drugs that are produced in many different countries in South America, the Caribbean and Mexico as well as within the South Florida area.

Task forces from the SFLHIDTA target these drug trafficking organizations, making arrests and seizing illicit drugs 7/24 year round.